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As Bruno Serimaji knew when the gang hit his face, running an expensive fine dining restaurant in Manhattan can be dangerous.

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Romanero acted on behalf of the tough Albanian man, Luang “Waterbug” Bexheti.

Selimaj, who emigrated from Albania at the age of 18 in 1972, reported the assault to police, but withdrew the complaint a day or two later, Capeci reports.

Last week, when the federal government leveled out allegations of loan sharking against Bexheti and Romanero, it did not include Serimaji in it. However, Capeci did not make an omertà of blood. He fingered Selimaj as a victim.

Selimaj is accustomed to more civilized customers. When his restaurant was called Ristorante Bruno, he fed John Gotti, Donald Trump, Lawrence Taylor, and Robert De Niro.


Mickey Stephenson wanted to be a singer, but Motown legend Berry Gordy listened to his wobble and had other ideas.

“Your voice is for s–t,” Gordy told him. “I want you to be an A & R (artist and repertoire) person.”

“That’s how we started Motown,” Stevenson told me. “I found out I had that gift.”

Stevenson will be inducted into Mariah Carey’s Songwriters Hall of Fame on June 16th, along with Mariah Carey, Annie Lennox, Dave Stewart, Steve Miller, Paul Williams and Eyesley Brothers.

Don’t be surprised if Gordy and Mickey’s high school friends Smokey Robinson are there.

Stevenson has written “Dancing in the Street,” “Devil With a Blue Dress,” “It Takes Two,” and more. He sold millions of dollars in Motown’s catalog a few years ago.


Stephen Elliott, as the author of The Adderall Diaries, has a special interest in the Johnny Depp v. Amber Heard trial.

The movie version of this book starred James Franco and Hard, and their kissing scene made Depp crazy jealous.

“James Franco played me in the film. In a way, I’m playing a pretty important role in the Johnny Depp / Amber Heard trial, rather than focusing on myself.” Elliott recently tweeted.

“It’s also worth pointing out that I wasn’t allowed to set that movie based on my book because they were trying to avoid the drama.

“And that’s really the story of my life. I’m like a decoy for people who are far worse than me, because I feel guilty.”


Former Governor Andrew Cuomo spokesman Richard Azzopardi shouldn’t steal from the daily news legend Jimmy Breslin, says his son James Breslin.

Azzopardi criticizes Cuomo’s plans to seize $ 16 million Campaign War Chest Before he ran for public office again, “this effort is clearly unconstitutional and a pathetic abuse of taxpayers’ money, but not surprising from gangsters who cannot legislate straight.” Said.

Breslin is famous for writing a book titled “The Gang That Didn’t Shoot Straight”.

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My son James told me, “This fuss is stealing from Jimmy! Find your own words. A literate jerk.”

Breslin once wrote “media, the plural of mediocrity.”


According to one source, Doja Cat turned over during a flight from London to Venice when she felt a passenger staring at her.

“Don’t look at me,” the rapper is said to have shouted.

And when he landed, “She lost her bag and the crew did not allow anyone to leave the plane until it was found.”

It’s hard to be rich and famous.

A Genovese-Linked Gang Offers Punch at a Manhattan Restaurant – New York Daily News

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