A black man ran from a CA police officer and was shot deadly

Southern California police officers shot deadly on Saturday when a 23-year-old black man tried to escape.

Robert Adams was hanging out in the San Bernardino parking lot when two police officers were rolled up and jumped out of an unmarked car and shot him down. It took less than five seconds for a policeman leaving the car and one policeman to kill Adams.

Police alleged that Adams had a gun while acting as a security guard for an illegal gambling business.they Share grainy photos Adams claimed to have something in his right hand and found a gun in his body.

Adams family I talked to KCBS He confirmed that Adams was working as a guard, but claimed he did not have a gun.

“I understand if he’s a threat to them,” Adams’ mother, Tamika de Avila King, told the station. “But he wasn’t a threat to them. He was running hard.”

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Police San Bernardino said there was a phone call about a man with a gun in the parking lot around 8 pm on Saturday. Two unidentified police officers were in an unmarked vehicle under surveillance.

The video shows Adams casually standing in the parking lot, chatting briefly with another man and taking a walk in the direction of an unmarked car. After that, two policemen jumped out of the car. Adams runs between two parked cars and sprints in the opposite direction. An officer fires and shoots Adams from behind.

According to police, Adams later died at a hospital in San Bernardino, about 50 miles east of Los Angeles.

Police statements were rebellious and accused the surveillance video of failing to “provide details and background” regarding the incident.Parents report Neither officer was put on vacation.

There is no sound in the surveillance video, and Adams’ family is demanding that the policeman’s body camera video be released.

Ben Crump, a prominent civil rights lawyer representing the Adams family, said, “I can’t believe another black family has to bury their children because the police first shot and asked later. “.

“Robert appeared to be walking in the parking lot when the policeman left the unmarked vehicle and fired his weapon immediately. Robert didn’t even have the opportunity to explain himself.”

A black man ran from a CA police officer and was shot deadly

Source link A black man ran from a CA police officer and was shot deadly

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