98% Off This 2022 Ultimate Microsoft Excel & Power BI Certified Bundle

Today’s highlighted deals are Online course section of Neowin Deal Store, Where can i 98% Off This 2022 Ultimate Microsoft Excel & Power BI Certified Bundle.. Nine high quality courses on Excel, Power BI and Alteryx! Become a master of a wide variety of data and easily process them into easy-to-understand reports.

This bundle consists of the following 6 courses:

  1. Microsoft Power BI: Complete Master Class
    Professionally analyze data and transform it into meaningful reports

  2. Statistics and Mathematics for Data Science and Data Analysis
    Quickly and easily learn the statistical knowledge you need for your career as a data scientist or data analyst

  3. Alteryx: Complete Master Class
    Everything about Alteryx!Professionally build workflows and analyze data

  4. Excel Pro Tip: Data Visualization
    Think outside the pie chart and explore some of Excel’s most powerful visualization tools

  5. Running on Power BI Desktop
    Data transformation, analysis, and visualization using Microsoft Power BI Desktop

  6. Microsoft Excel: Data visualization with charts and graphs
    Master over 20 charts and graphs in Excel with hands-on demos

  7. Data visualization with R
    A complete introduction to data visualization in R with hands-on step-by-step training

  8. Mathematics for data science
    Learn about data science mathematics

  9. Full Stack Web Development Master Class 2022
    Build websites with Node & MongoDB NoSQL databases and take the most sought-after role in today’s technology space

The transaction is as follows:

this 2022 Ultimate Microsoft Excel & PowerBI Certified Bundle It usually costs $ 1,800, You can pick it up For only $ 34.99 For a limited time, It’s $ 1,765.01 (98%) off! Click the links below for terminology, compatibility, and instructor information.

Get Excel and Power BI Certified Bundles $ 34.99

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98% Off This 2022 Ultimate Microsoft Excel & Power BI Certified Bundle

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