6 great bike trips that you can easily do yourself

Expression The “Abandoned Railroad Corridor” will remind you of the gloomy image of a weed-squeezed devastated railroad track. In fact, thanks to the non-profit Rails-to-Trails Conservancy and the many trail supporters who helped develop it, many of the railroad routes that are no longer in use across the United States have been revived as scenic cycling trails. With nearly flat or gentle slopes, these three rail trails are especially beckoning, offering the opportunity to drop fishing lines, spy on swooping herons, or stop halfway through a sweet little town. Best of all, each of these cycling trails offers a relaxing view.

Colorado Peak Pedal Experience

Rio Grande Trail

Following the former Denver and Rio Grande Railroad Corridor, a 42-mile Rio Grande Trail stretches from Aspen to Glenwood Springs, with dense evergreen forests, Aspen forests, vast raisins, horse pastures, and cattle. You will pass through landscapes such as ranches. The trail itself is relatively flat, but it runs under the towering mountains. Visit wildflowers in the spring and definitely on a bright and sunny day in the summer. Carbondale is one of several towns worth exploring, with outdoor sculptures and delicious restaurants such as the modern Mexican Axkawa. ( you only want to take part of the trail or one way, you can get off by public transport bus near the

Rio Grande Trail in Colorado.


Roarking Fork Transportation Authority / Rails-to-Trails Conservancy

Coasting Ohio Cornfields

Little Miami Scenic Trail

Keep an eye on Great Blue Herons and other birds along the Little Miami River as you ride the 78-mile idyllic rail trail from Springfield to Anderson Township. Mostly following the beds of the former Little Miami Railroad, this route runs through 12 small towns, rolling by corn and soybean fields. During the hot summer months, the river is a base for canoeing and fishing. You can also cool off at an ice cream shop along the way, such as Young’s Jersey Daily, a short detour from the artistic city of Yellow Springs.

Lumberjack in California

Biz Johnson National Recreation Trail

This secluded 25-mile trail follows the former route of the Southern Pacific Railroad, with the scent of Ponderosa and Jeffrey Pine. In a rugged canyon land, passing through an original railroad tunnel and crossing a historic railroad bridge, Biz Johnson (named after the House of Representatives who played a prominent role in its establishment) was Westwood. Connects Susanville (both former logging towns). I plan to stay in Susanville, the county seat of Lassen County, for a while. Stop by the Lassen Historical Museum to find out about the early timber trade and stop by Lassen Aleworks, one of the locally made beers in the boardroom. Probably the only chance to try Biz Johnson Blonde Ale. From Susanville, you can bike to the Devil’s Coral Valley (14 miles round trip), cross a series of historic bridges and run through the Hakoyanagi and Black Oak forests. This picturesque route at any time of the year deserves a gap, especially in the fall when the trees show bright golden and red colors.

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6 great bike trips that you can easily do yourself

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