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$ 50 Billion Temporarily Deposited in Louisiana Family Bank Account

The Louisiana family accidentally deposited $ 50 billion into a bank account and became the 25th wealthiest person on the planet in less than four days.

Baton Rouge Real Estate Agent Darren James, 47, Told Fox How he returned home earlier this month and his shocked wife kept her bank balance information on her phone and said to him, “Look at this!”

“Open it, and we have $ 50 billion in our account,” James said on Sunday of the apparent sudden wealth last weekend.

“And all we were thinking was,’Who knocks on our door’, because no one knows who has such money,” he said. ..

He admits that he was fooling around with the idea that it was the “rich uncle” who left them cash. Forbes Millionaire List..

“While I was there, it was great to see a lot of zeros in your account, which means I’m part of one comma club, not three comma clubs,” he laughed. ..

James and his wife started calling Chase Bank as soon as they saw the cash on Saturday, June 12, but the money remained there until some point next Tuesday.

“I was a millionaire for four days,” he told Fox. “I couldn’t do anything, but I felt cool,” he said.

“We knew it wasn’t ours. We couldn’t do anything because we couldn’t make money. We couldn’t use it — it would be theft,” law enforcement said. James, who worked at, said.

James said he heard that as many as 150 other people across the United States had mystery deposits at the same time and were concerned about the security of their accounts.

Largo’s Florida Woman, Julia Yonkowski, Recently revealed How she found nearly $ 1 billion in her Chase account when she went to withdraw just $ 20 from an ATM — then struggled to get someone to help return the cash.

Baton Rouge Family Billionaire
The James family’s balance problem was subsequently resolved, Chase Bank told Fox.

Chase Bank told Fox that James’ balance problem had since been resolved.

“More than a week ago, there was a technical problem affecting a limited number of accounts,” a spokeswoman for one company said in a statement.

“The issue has been resolved and those accounts are currently showing accurate balances.”

$ 50 Billion Temporarily Deposited in Louisiana Family Bank Account

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