5 Powerful Reasons Why You Need to Use Video Marketing

As the internet evolves and social media use increases, the usage of the virtual medium is exponentially rising each year. There is no questioning the power and influence of the digital medium. And a video as a tool, coincidentally, is proving to be one of the most effective weapons for digital marketers. If your organization has still not started using video marketing, the time is ripe now.


Let’s first look at what   data has to say:

If this is not enough to prove the mettle of video marketing, we will give you five powerful reasons for using this tool to market your product or service.

  1. Use video marketing to improve customer engagement

For ages, marketers have racked their grey cells to decipher how to best garner engagement from their target market. Videos have always worked well. Compared to print and other forms of advertising, TV ads have always been more popular because marketers could use strong and appealing visuals to stir up feelings and connections in the audience. The same logic applies to video marketing in the online medium too.

With the help of a powerful online video editor tool, marketers today can create videos that catch the viewer’s attention and keep him hooked. Our brains can process visually moving content better than static images or text. It is easy for the brain to interpret and consume the content being portrayed. Thus, videos can reach out to even the most laid-back or disinterested customer and spark interest or attention with the right content. When the video is grasping and thought-provoking, it can translate into the immediate realization of CTAs.

  1. Use video marketing is to augment leads and conversions

Sales leads and conversions are directly proportional. The more the number of leads, the more the chances of conversions. With the help of video marketing, there are higher chances of getting better and increased leads. One of the studies on video marketing revealed that when brands use videos on their landing page, they increase their conversion chances by almost 80%. This figure is applicable across all brands and industries. This is what makes video marketing more powerful and influential.

The good part is that videos are a versatile medium and can be flexibly used to showcase different elements and emotions. For a new or a potential customer, watching the experiences of another user or seeing how a product performs in real-time through live videos can play an important role in the conversion of the customer from a lead to a confirmed user. The impact of moving videos or animated conversations and actions can deeply influence buying decisions. Marketers can start using video marketing in the following ways:

  1. Video helps reinforce brand trust

All brands, big or small, work relentlessly to work on their trust factor. Trust is a big thing and is a goal that most brands aim to achieve. And not without any reason.   drives brand loyalty and has a major role to play in fuelling sales and conversions.

Videos can be made informative and used for knowledge-sharing. The more trust a brand can build in the market, the better the chances of building long-term relationships with its customers. Videos have been recognized as a powerful medium and can ignite the right kind of emotions and engagement values. Many brands use YouTubers as brand influencers to promote their brands. Not just that, with the help of carefully curated video content, marketers can make promotional videos that can help address customer doubts and build confidence.

  1. Video is SEO-friendly

Humans, Google, and other top search engines in the online world all love videos. Research proves that there is a 53 times more chance of a website showing on Google search results with videos vis-à-vis websites that do not feature videos. Ever since Google bought over YouTube, videos have been getting higher traction from search engines. The best way to optimize videos is to apply all the SEO guidelines to your video content. From using SEO-friendly titles to describing the videos and using the right keywords, marketers need to adhere to all the SEO guidelines and create impactful videos using online video editors like InVideo to garner attention from search engines.

  1. Videos can be effective on mobiles too

According to YouTube, mobile video consumption is increasing almost a hundred percent each year. The smartphone industry is growing tremendously, and mobile users spend almost 90% of their online time watching videos on their mobiles. It is a big opportunity for brands to leverage the potential of this interdependence between videos and mobiles.

With the help of  , brands can target the right mobile user to build trust, loyalty, develop leads and get conversions. As per YouTube stats, smartphone users are likely to watch ads on their mobiles and pay attention to such ads up to 1.4 times compared to TV and other digital devices viewers.


Video marketing is one of the most affordable tools today. Many online and downloadable feature-rich tools are available that can be used with ease by digital marketers to generate powerful videos.


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