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5 new books to read this week

Matt Osman, brother of Thursday’s Murder Club author Richard, is writing his first work of fiction…


1. Matt Osman’s The Ghost Theater is published in hardcover. bloomsbury, priced at £16.99 (ebook £11.89). On sale May 11th

Hauntingly beautiful, Matt Osman’s Ghost Theater is a unique blend of history and fantasy set in an Elizabethan setting. LondonThe story follows Shay, a messenger girl and hawk trainer who sees the future in bird patterns, and Nonsuch, a dark star in the city’s children’s theater scene. Drawn by a shared love of the arts, they create the Ghost Theater, an underground theater troupe that puts on fantastic plays in hidden corners of the city. The pair’s relationship sparks and flares against the backdrop of plague- and flame-riddled London as their performance sparks rebellion among the city’s outcasts. brings Elizabethan London to life, seamlessly blending fact and fiction with a fantastical touch to create worlds both familiar and entirely new. Thrilling and thought-provoking, Othmann’s unique work leaves readers pondering its mysteries after the final page. 9/10 (Reviewed by Scarlett Sangster)

2. Linda Grant’s Tale of the Forest, published in hardcover by Virago, priced at £18.99 (£11.49 ebook). On sale May 11th

Linda Grant is most comfortable writing period novels, having previously been nominated for both the Booker Prize and the Women’s Prize. Set in 1913, “Story of the Forest” is no exception. The story begins in Latvia, with Mina taking a walk in the woods to collect mushrooms, when she escapes from her overbearing father with the help of her brother and travels to Liverpool to reach New York. I reached town. to London. The novel is light in touch and the story is told with humor and sensitivity. Mina is central to her family’s story, and Grant’s own Eastern European roots are rooted in a culture with few written records and a strong tradition of storytelling to tell her story. 9/10 (reviewed by Sue Barraclough)More

3. August Blue Deborah Levy Published in hardcover by Hamish Hamilton and priced at £18.99 (£9.99 ebook).available now

Elsa Famous pianist M. Anderson leaves a concert in Vienna when he sees a mysterious woman buying a mechanical horse at a flea market. From this moment on, Deborah Levy takes us on a journey of discovery and introspection as Elsa attempts to discover the truth behind her identity. Against the backdrop of a struggling post-pandemic, Elsa is forced to brutally pry open the shell of her restricted and disciplined upbringing in order to free herself. Through a broken mirror in , she follows a woman through cities around the world as she struggles to make sense of herself as an artist and as a human being. An exploration of the music within that weighs, is our reason for living, what drives us, and controls the rhythm of our dance through life and love.8/10 (reviewed by Hannah Colby)


4. I’m not as energetic as I thought ruby wax Published in hardcover by Penguin Life, priced at £18.99 (£9.99 e-book). On sale May 11th

When it comes to mental health, no one is more witty, inspiring, and outspoken than Ruby Wax. The novel offers a very honest and thoughtful insight into Wax’s journey, including conversations with a therapist and the ups and downs of fame. Despite being written by someone in the limelight, the book is surprisingly relevant to anyone with mental health issues. ‘s incredible celebrity adventures without feeling disjointed. Wax now feels ready to begin a new, more mindful chapter in her life. Explaining the benefits of behavioral therapy candidly only benefits the reader and is a solid reminder that anyone can struggle mentally and you are not alone.10/10 (reviewed by Molly Powell)

Children’s book of the week

5. Amy Getz Eaten by Adam Kay, illustrated by Henry Payker, published in paperback by Puffin and priced at £7.99 (ebook £5.99).Available now

This book is giggling all the way through – and in the laughter, it’s still a very educational read. Amy is a very happy corn, helping others on their journey and encouraging them to enjoy their adventures to the fullest. The illustrations are very colorful and will help you focus. It may not be a subject you would normally discuss casually, but this book helps bring the bright side to the topic. It’s a fun book. 9/10 (reviewed by Joanne Brennan)

Book chart for the week ending May 6

Audiobooks (fiction and non-fiction) 1. Super-processed people by Chris van Tulleken2. Harold Fry’s Improbable Pilgrimage by Rachel Joyce 3. The Guilty Couple by CL Taylor4. Atomic Habits by James Clear5. Spares by The Duke of Sussex6. The Glucose Revolution by Jessie Inchauspe7. Chemistry Lessons by Bonnie Garmus8. SAS: Rogue Heroes by Ben Macintyre9. The Lion: Son Of The Forest by Mike Brooks10. Greenlights by Matthew McConaughey (edited by Audible) 5 new books to read this week

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