2021-2022 NFL MVP: Favorites To Win The Award

Massive shifts in the odds board occurred for the NFL’s Most Valuable Player. The mix included talented quarterbacks, one dominant running back, and a wide receiver. Players like Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, Matt Stafford, Joe Burrow, Kyler Murray, and Johnathon Taylor were favorites.

Aaron Rodgers became the 2021 NFL MVP. Cooper Kupp was named Offensive Player of the Year, and the Defensive Player of the Year award went to T.J. Watt, with the Pittsburgh Steelers. But what goes into an MVP pick?

With the Super Bowl scheduled for February 13, we will look at the MVP picks, the Super Bowl MVP, and the Rookie of the Year.

 Right On the Money, and Padded with Cash

The 2022 NFL Conference Championship between the Cincinnati Bengals and the Kansas City Chiefs had exciting moments both on and off the field.

In the AFC, the 7-point underdog Bengals rallied from a 21-3 deficit. They beat the Chiefs in overtime by three points (27-24). Odds for picking the NFC’s score were 130-to-1, and while the Rams overcame their fourth-quarter deficit (17-7), they would defeat the 49ers by three points with the final score of 20-17.

Projecting the Conference’s exact scores, one online sports bettor turned a $20 parlay bet into a $579,000 payday. The odds of predicting a correct score for the AFC were 220-to-1.

And, when it comes to padding your mattress with cash, Mattress Mike is wagering a record-setting $4.5 million on the Bengals to win the Super Bowl. He would net $7.7 million if they win. How ‘bout them mattresses?

How Is NFL MVP Decided?

Questions fans often ask about the most valuable player are what date is the NFL MVP announced? They also want to know how is NFL MVP decided.

For most years, the NFL MVP is chosen by week 10, and the prestigious award usually goes to a quarterback. Several of the NFL’s best players hold this prestigious title.

When determining who is winning MVP NFL of the year, two specific factors help decide the potential pick:

  1. The player finishes in one of the top three slots for passing touchdowns.
  2. The player on one of the top teams.

Among the top recipients, Peyton Manning won four times. Brett Favre, Tom Brady, Johnny Unitas, and Jim Brown won the title three times, while two-time winners include Steve Young, Joe Montana, and Kurt Warner.

2021-2022  NFL MVP Odds

Here is the NFL MVP race and candidates with the best probability.

NFL MVP List: Odds for 2021-2022

Aaron Rodgers

Rodgers is a quarterback with the Green Bay Packers. Despite missing week nine, he worked overtime this season, and then there was that covid violation drama. As the leading MVP, Rodgers had 14 seasons with Green Bay.

Tom Brady

With Tom Brady officially announcing his retirement from the NFL, the Super Bowl MVP voting has favored the 44-year-old a record seven times. He has five MVP awards and seven Super Bowl titles under his belt.

Joe Burrow

Former NFL coach Rex Ryan referred to quarterback Joe Burrow as The new Tom Brady. And for obvious reasons. With the most passing yards in a single season (941 against the Ravens), Burrow is a top contender and not afraid of pressure.

Jonathan Taylor

Taylor is a running back for the Colts. He led in touchdowns (18) and rushing yards (1,743) going into week 18. At only 22-years-old, he obliterated the Patriots with a 67-yard touchdown run and 170 rushing yards.

Cooper Kupp

The first wide receiver for the Los Angeles Rams to achieve triple crown status, Kupp finished the season leading in receiving touchdowns (16), yards (1,947), and receptions (145). Fourth-ever in the league, he joins Steve Smith (05), Sterling Sharpe (92), and Jerry Rice (90).

Josh Allen

His progress since 2018 has been exceptional, and he has not missed a single game this season. While he might not catch up to Brady or Rodgers, the Buffalo Bills saw talent in this top-seven pick back in 2018.

Patrick Mahomes

Mahomes is not in his best season. However, the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback had a stellar week 15. It included a three-touchdown, 410-yard game.

NFL Rookie of The Year Award

While Super Bowl LVI is Sunday, February 13, the 2022 Rookie of the Year Award has been announced during the NFL Honors on February 10 at the YouTube Theater in LA at 9 pm ET.

Nationally televised, Keegan-Michael Key will host, and the awards will air live on ABC and simulcast on the NFL Network and ESPN+.

The NFL Honors

Awards at the NHL Honors include:

NFL Rookie of the Year Odds for 2021-2022

Here is a look at the list of NFL Rookie of the Year candidates with the best probability:

Ja’Marr Chase

With 128 targets, 81 receptions, 1,455 receiving yards, and 13 touchdowns, Chase set the rookie record for single-game receiving yards, beating out Justin Jefferson. Despite cooling down mid-season, he had a late surge with 266-yards against the Chiefs.

The Louisiana native ties with Tyler Eifert for touchdown catches, leading in single-season and single-game receiving yards. Pivotal in helping the Bengals land the AFC North division title, the former LSU player has shattered expectations.

Mac Jones

The alternate is now the fifth quarterback from the 2021 NFL draft to play in the Pro Bowl. The Alabama native had a 10-7 record as a starter during his regular season.

With 3,801 yards, 13 interceptions, and 22 touchdowns, his completion rate is 67.56% (eighth in the NFL). Among his fellow rookies, Jones is second all-time behind Dak Prescott. The Dallas Cowboys player is 67.76%.

Who’s Winning The LVI Super Bowl?

Super Bowl LVI is scheduled for February 13, 2022, at 6:30 pm ET on NBC. It will take place at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California. And, this is a matchup that not many expected.

The Los Angeles Rams are the second team to play a Super Bowl in their stadium. They face the Cincinnati Bengals, who were 125-1 in their preseason and considered longshots, but made the fastest turnaround in league history. Last season, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers played and won at Raymond James Stadium during Super Bowl LV.

Betting Action

Going into Super Bowl LVI, there are all kinds of bets like the live futures bet on Cincinnati (+4000) to win (at $6,000, the win is $240,000). Expect to see a lot of prop bets, player props, and parlays among recreational bettors.

In Favor of the Rams

If you are betting on the Superbowl, watch the quarterback plays. The Rams have reliability in Matthew Stafford. He has been carrying his weight, especially in the fourth quarter with late victories. But they have to watch Joe Burrow.

The Cincinnati quarterback has been spot on and playing at a higher level in the playoffs. And, he knows how to hold his own when up against pass-rushers. However, keep your eyes on defensive tackle Aaron Donald.

Defensive tackle for the Rams, he helped win the NFC Championship game and could be what counters Burrow’s highly anticipated maneuvers. Many Super Bowl wins come from dominating interior pass rushes that catch quarterbacks off guard.

In Favor of the Bengals

Do not overthink it. Team picks in the regular season do not always win. Winners are the team with the most player confidence and the best moves.

The Bengals will rely on Burrow, their No. 1 pick. While still in his first two seasons, he truly is holding the line.

In Sunday’s game, he completed seven out of ten passes. When the Chiefs covered top receiver Chase, Burrow suddenly escaped pressure and shifted to Higgins. He is like the point guard everyone wants on their team.

Despite their underdog status, the Bengals are in great shape with Burrow if they can keep him protected.

Final Thoughts

Regardless of how you see the Super Bowl ending, and who becomes Super Bowl MVP, and Rookie of the Year, it will be an exciting matchup. As millions of fans and sports bettors gather, you can bet the Big Game will drive all kinds of wagering action in the form of prop bets and parlays. Win-win for everyone!


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