20 Ways The Sports World Has Insulted Fans This Week

Welcome to “20 Or So Questions”. This is the only quiz show that rewards ignorance by inviting ignorant people to the competition next week. Ready? please:

On Friday, between Yanks-Mets, did you think YES’s David Cone was so crowded that we swallowed his alibi? Tag Missed at Gary Sanchez’s House?? Sanchez stood with the ball as the duck’s worst Jonathan Villar slid down and in.

Korn defended Sanchez as a cunning victim because he was “deceived” and “deceived.”

Reader D. Farley asks Korn, “If he had pitched, would he have been tolerant?” Reader Larry Vann has nominated Sanchez as Dr. Forch Medal to keep a social distance.

2) Play-by-player Matt Basgasian by ESPN’s Sunday Night / Monday Morning player, when the failure of the Mets rescuer Edwin Diaz called “rare”, those who know better still see the Yanks Mets I wasn’t aware that I might be.

Diaz has been Forrest Gump chocolate box Since I had to meet three years ago, I’ve been as responsible as credible.

3) Fox spends a lot of money on-site at Oregon-Ohio St.’s half-time on Saturday looking for what five paying panelists are inconsistent and looking at behind the desk. Did you think about how ridiculous it looked and sounded when you squeezed it? Can you have a session?

4) Then, regardless of who manages the team, does Steve Cohen require Mets to stop acting and look like a bunch of clowns? From Francisco Lindeau??

Torres exchanges words after the bench has been cleared during the seven Mets wins on Sunday in the Series Finale.
Francisco Lindeau (right) and Gleyber Torres exchange words after the bench is cleared in the seventh inning when Mets won the Series Finale on Sunday.
Getty Images

5) When was the concise and practical term “first down” replaced by the vague long slang term “moving chains”?

On Saturday, Ohio’s second and 18th, Fox’s chief university analyst, Joel Kratt, reported that “Ohiocent is far behind the chain.” The next day, CBS’s Jets-Panthers, then Fox’s Broncos-Giants, were loaded in “First Down,” which was exchanged for “moving the chain.”

6) How much do you charge guests? Yankee TV and radio voices continue to read ticket promotions that call customers “guests,” but if they were guests, why have the best seats at Yankee Stadium been vacant since 2010?

7) How delusional is Mike Francessa? Even when he retires, he considers himself a talented, self-proclaimed propaganda, apparently unaware that he has made his career, but does not admit. The biggest rotten prophecyIncludes weather, investment tips, national elections and more since Neville Chamberlain returned from Munich.

At Chris Russo’s Sirius XM show on Friday, Francesa’s strongest over-under promotion has lost talent and Texas players and coaches are keen to play last for the first pick of next year’s draft. To win the two games it was to be lucky as if they were devaluing themselves.

The Texans then won the opening round 37-21.

8) Gambling addiction? good!

ESPN’s Raiders Raiders fourth quarter on Monday night began with a punt and was followed by a DraftKings promotion in partnership with the NFL. that. rain. “The hostess claimed that even if you bet in the fourth quarter before starting the game, you could still kill in the game.

Too late. Finally, the sucked fan of betting Roger Goodell couldn’t lose.

Roger Goodell
Roger Goodell

9) Do you hear one about the two ESPN statistics people in the barcode? At the first top of the Yanks Mets on Sunday, Basgasian reported that Anthony Rizzo “has a 70% swing rate on two strike counts.”

What does that mean? He didn’t say, probably because he didn’t even know.

10) Is anyone at home? No one in Fox noticed or corrected the “NY” logo in the Broncos Giants scorebox far beyond the boundaries for more than three hours. Therefore, as reader Phil Growats fully explains, Denver played the International Long Shoremans Union.

11) When is one mousse Johnston not enough? Fox must have been very impressed with Mark Schleles’ relentless speech making last season. From the beginning of the Broncos Giants, like the lawn mower next door, he was hooked.

12) Et, tu, Phil Simms? We now know that Boomer Esiason has few beliefs that apply to courage, but Weekday Boomer is still on the day WFAN partner Craig Carton was arrested for fraud to support gambling addiction. He advertised NFL gambling addiction. Shows the sense of what is right from what is wrong.

But they were together at the end of CBS Sunday NFL A pre-game show offering over-under picks according to the DraftKings come-on affiliated with the NFL.

13) Do MLB players wearing thick, heavy, conspicuous gold necklaces tend to play with rocks packed in their pockets?

14) How many people are you looking at are stupid? On Thursday, Giancarlo Stanton took a walk towards the beginning of what was supposed to be a stand-up double that was easily off the wall. He slipped out second and was thrown out.

Stanton is a poor learner. In 2016, the Marlins raced and he lost more than a month, jogging in first place and then injured in a slide that was too late for second place.

But on Thursday’s YES, even the unspoken Paul O’Neill said he saw Stanton choose to “jogging” instead of running.

Still, Michael Kay, with the help of Replay, forgave Stanton in a nonsense, even when he desperately won. That is how he runs. “

He would have made a second coasting run! He rolled towards the beginning and sacrificed a double and out to Yank with a 6-4 loss to the soaring Blue Jays. Stanton didn’t play Mets the next night. Did he stand on the bench for his latest harassment-free play, or just to run, as Kay explained, “How is he running?”

Giancarlo Stanton
Giancarlo Stanton

15) Betting sites invested in teams, networks, and leagues want you to bet so that you can make money as advertised or lose money that is never mentioned. Are you sure? Ask Goodell and Rob Manfred.

16) Can you hear me now? Rutgers Football WOR Radio commentator Chris Carlin continues to hysterically scream the play before letting listeners know what he’s screaming about. Yelling on the radio doesn’t help. I tried it.

17) As we see on a regular basis, when so many strikeouts are low and swinging indiscriminately when breaking a ball thrown fairly outward or inward, the pitch speedup Why is it regularly said to be the cause of record strikeouts?

Marshon Lattimore
Marshon Lattimore

18) But does he kneel? The last time I heard about Saints’ CB Marshon Lattimore was in March when college student Owen Lattimore was arrested for receiving stolen goods under future Foxsports rookie Urban Meyer. Carry a pre-loaded gun that appears to have been stolen in a waistbandAs recorded by the body camera of the Cleveland police gang unit. The case remains unresolved.

Over the weekend, Lattimore signed a record contract for CB. There was a guarantee of $ 68.3 million over five years and additional contracts that could lead to an additional $ 100 million worth of transactions.

19) On Saturday, why did ESPN Graphics identify Iowa St. as a school-colored (red and gold) team when it was the Nike Sweatshop Black team?

20) Is it over? Twins manager Rocco Baldelli was great to Yanks on Monday, blasting a 5-0 lead and game by exchanging two effective reliefs, and finally a career-blown save specialist / closer Alex Colomé. I brought him in and allowed Aaron Judge a three-run home run.

Colom, who leads AL with seven saves, is very important to be with the fourth team in four seasons. It’s baseball, Sujin!

Given that there is no good answer, no one is excluded! See you next week with “20 or so questions”.

20 Ways The Sports World Has Insulted Fans This Week

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