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2 immigrants killed, 15 injured on Texas train

At least two migrants died and 15 were injured after they suffocated on a train near Uvalde, Texas, officials said. Twelve of the injured require hospitalization.

Uvalde County officials received a 911 call at 3:50 p.m. Border guards were able to stop the train near the town of Knippa.

Uvalde police found 15 migrants on board the train, later identified as 17 by Mayor Don McLaughlin.

Two of the migrants were confirmed dead at the scene. Five of his injured were taken by helicopter to a San Antonio hospital, while the rest were taken to local hospitals or treated on site. Quoting police chief Uvalde, KSAT said many of the migrants were unresponsive and the cause is currently unknown.

Uvalde County is located in southern Texas, 80 miles west of San Antonio, near the Mexican border. In May 2022, a shooting at Robb Elementary School in the county killed 22 people, including 19 students aged 9 to his 11, two teachers, and one shooter.

In June 2022, 53 migrants were found dead inside a trailer in San Antonio from exposure to heat and suffocation. This is the worst smuggling case in US history. In 2017, 39 of his immigrants were found unconscious in a trailer in San Antonio, killing 10. 2 immigrants killed, 15 injured on Texas train

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