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15-year-old boy dies while surfing subway on J train in Brooklyn, New York City

Williamsburg, Brooklyn (WABC) — A 15-year-old boy died Monday night while surfing the subway over the Williamsburg Bridge.

A video from the Citizen App showed paramedics at the scene Monday evening during peak commute hours.

Police said the boy was on the roof of a northbound J train at around 6:45 p.m. when it struck a pole as the train crossed a bridge.

The boy collapsed into the train and was confirmed dead on the spot.

He was later identified as 15-year-old Zachary Nazario.

“This was a truly terrifying and tragic incident for this young man,” said New York City Mayor Eric Adams. , to really show how dangerous it is.”

In December 2022, another 15-year-old boy died while attempting the same feat. He slipped and fell onto the third rail.

After the incident was reported in December, New York City Transit President Richard Davey had sharp words on the topic of subway surfing.

“Riding on top of subway cars is reckless, stupid and dangerous, and often brings tragedy to you, your family and your friends,” Davey said. We ask parents to talk to their children about what they are not.”

There will be another death in 2021.

According to news figures released by the MTA, the increase in incidents of people outside trains has doubled since 2019.

The NYPD and MTA say they are focusing on train lines like the J and M that pass through places like the Williamsburg Bridge.

Trends are recorded and posted on social media.

The MTA is asking social media companies to remove videos that encourage surfing on the subway.

Janno Lieber, MTA Chairman and CEO, said: “This is something no one wants to see. A 15-year-old will break your heart. We have to keep pushing. Social media companies, it’s not news to anyone. Reckless.” The focus is not always on discouraging bad behavior.

In a written statement, Davey said, “I can’t stress enough how dangerous it is to get on the outside of a train.” but I plead with you to talk to your children about the real dangers of what is often fatal.”

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